Tuesday, March 31, 2009

March's Top Entrecard Droppers

A BIG thanks to the following top Entrecard droppers for their constant visits!

Dropper # of drops
Tech-Blog 29
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OnMyComp.com 22
Heathen Homeschoolers 22

Friday, March 27, 2009

Kreativ Sisters' Store Goes on Mall Exhibit

Our store has joined the mall exhibit in Gaisano-Gensan. The exhibit will run until April 16, 2009. This is a good avenue for the store to be known and to earn a little in spite of the economic crisis here in the Philippines. We proudly sell our Liz Claiborne, Franco Sarto, R2, Bandolino's bags and shoes, and authetentic HAVAIANAS.

Do check us out!

Chatting with my sister on our stall's status.

The rest of the stalls on exhibit

Buy Economically and Wisely at Sears

At this time of global economic crisis, we can't help but really face and endure a harder life. As a teacher, I notice that more and more students drop from school. Whenever I asked them for their reason, they will always say, "finances."

Unemployment rates and price hikes are increasing dramatically these days. We seem to get only small value for our hard earned money. Consequently, we must prioritize what we really need these days.

Few years ago, I would buy a number of clothes, bags and shoes for myself and my family members. However, since I am into masteral schooling and into business, my resources have been terribly depleted.

Food is always our topmost priority. But, we need to purchase for our clothing apparel because of weather shifts. My family in Wisconsin have to buy new ones too. Good thing, Sears
has initiated a 75-80% OFF ORIGINAL PRICES ON FALL & WINTER APPAREL from today until April 18. This is indeed a good investment for next season and a good saving-technique should my family need to send stuffs for other relatives. This is indeed big savings for everyone.

Click Here

What is more exciting is that there is a Mommy-Make-Over Contest of $2500.00 worth for all Busted Moms. You don't have to be a mom to join this contest. All you have to do is share your story and how you handle this economic crisis and why you deserve a make-over. Sears will simply adore you with their alluring apparel, spa, hair and make-up freebies and cash. There steps are pretty simple. At this time of crisis, any chance of winning should be welcomed. So, why don't you join me and the rest who wants a make-over.

You can even follow them in Twitter. Simply search @bustedmoms. This will only take few seconds of your time.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Wanted: Blog Contest Sponsors

As posted in my other blog, my sister, Tammy and I will have our first blog anniversary this April. Our blogging habit has become a career! But, as equally as important to earning through blogs, we have appreciated people who have shown kindness, honesty and total character for their families, friends, and even for their villains and strangers.

We wish to start a contest for anyone who is interested and willing to give this contest a try.

So, I am inviting my generous friends, readers or visitors who are WILLING to sponsor anything: ad space, EC credits, cash or any freebie for the top winners.

The contest will officially start on April 16 until April 30. We decided to make the mechanics simple so everyone can join even the sponsors. Our other friends had pledged their support and we are just very grateful. We however welcome more help. Just give us a comment and we shall be highly delighted. My warmest thank you to you all!

Adverstise, Blog an Earn Here

One of the motivations I had when I started blogging was to earn but I realized through experience that earning through blogs is not at all easy. However, with patience and diligence, this has become possible. Now, I have multiple blogs with different niche's and I use these blogs too to help my students learn.

But, apart from earning through blogs, I met great people and know them more without really invading into their private lives. Somehow, I get to know the other side of blogging and the other side of living. Bloggers meet to sympathize with fellow bloggers or join them in great days. This is indeed an unusual channel of humanity. With blogging, races, sectors, beliefs and all become irrelevant and immaterial.

I also recognize the power of advertising and blogs. We have a family store and we help reach our clients through blog advertising. Surprisingly, we have more clients through online placements at much more cheaper advertising costs.

So, I am just glad that there is another way to earn online and advertise just practically anything. I had seen Paying Post through other blogs and how they find this site good and so, I tried my luck. They approved my application right away.

Their site is easy to use and with simpler mechanics to submit reviews and when you reach their minimum payout of $50.00, you will be paid the in the first week of the next month. This site is legitimate because I had my first $57.00 payout from them.

So, if you want to advertise through blogs or earn for that matter, do try Paying Post.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lurking Zombie: Me

For straight several weeks, I have been burning my eyebrows working on my masteral projects in IT. My usual sleep just simply starts at 2 am and wakes up by 6 am. Waaaaaaaaaaaaah!

We were supposed to submit two database systems, one in Java programming and the other in Ruby. I was able to complete the entire Java project but now I am struggling with Ruby where too many confusing resources are available but not at all helping.

I know I have to finish this project fast if I want to earn a passing mark. I just wish I can stumble on the right tutorial to really get me starting and completing the project.


Kid's Choice Awards

Twenty five years ago, TV was a privilege, only the rich ones could afford. I could still remember when my friends, my sister, and I would peek on our neighbor's windows just to see what was played on their TV.

Then, when my parents were all tired of reprimanding us to stay away from the neighbors, they decided to buy us a black-and-white TV. We enjoyed a lot of funny scripts of Three Stooges, and Hannah and Barbara's Flintstones, Bugs Bunny and all the Walt Disney films. I could vividly remember when I had to fight with my elders just to watch cartoons and all the funny movies on TV.

Now, that I am older, I still go for heroic movies. My personal favorite is the Batman series from the first sequel then to Dark Knight. I love this last installment since it is full of actions and twist and turns.

I watched it with my kid and I explained to him the story and the values he must learn while ignoring the violence as a simple make-up story.


So, when Kids' Choice Awards lists their nominees I simply opted for Dark Knight. I like Twilight and High School Musical too. I really wish I can nominate for these other great movies.

My other siblings and the little kids love to watch Sponge Bob, Jimmy Neutron and Rug Rats among Nickelodeon cartoon segments and Harry Potter movie series too. I have to praise all the producers of these movies and segments which portray not only valuable stories but also character.


Friday, March 20, 2009

My Young Photographer

The family likes pictures a lot and since we have this camera with us, we simply get pictures whenever and wherever we like it.

My kid is somehow good with taking pictures. He would simply capture anything and everyone in the house.

His cousin, JP.

The picture above is one of his shots. Does my kid really have this potential skill in photography? We decided to buy him his own personal camera and compile all his shots for posterity and pride. What a stage mom indeed!

Well - Deserved Massage

Since I am workaholic and stay a lot of time writing and computer programming, I normally have stiff and painful back and neck muscles. My family members are just kind enough to massage the swollen and tensed areas. But, when I had a very excruciating neck and shoulder pain, I could not at all move my arm and head without complaint. So, I went to get a reflexology massage. It was very very relieving.

Do you know that there is a number of massages which vary in impact and styles? I recently know that there is a face massage that includes European facials, stone, chair and lymphatic drainage massages. However, one must be selective where and how to get this since results may be different from what is expected. Thus,there is a face massage dvd to help you know the right techniques and demand for quality service. More important criterion is to really know how you can attain or exude beauty from this massage. Now, there is also a chemical peel video that can bring you dramatic and safe results.

You can get this very nice DVD through your credit card or even Paypal and simply they will ship it to your doorstep. What an easy way to a more refreshing and relaxing day!

Nasty Family Allergy

My biological family is rich with allergy.hahhahahah! For one, my siblings and offspring have asthma. I have to buy a nebulizer for my kid. When he was younger, he would frequently visit his pedia 3 times at least on asthma-related complaints. This would usually occur during the frequent weather shifts and extreme odor exposure like paints. He ended hospitalized with broncho pneumonia when he was only 3 months old when the old house was painted.

Now, that summer is up again, I have to be on guard with their asthma attacks. My allergy normally comes in the morning when the weather is cold, I got skin patches, and nose drips. Hahahahha!

I am only glad that since my kid is already older and quite active, his allergy seems a little contained. However, I also know that this is chronic and may appear at any time.Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! What a nasty illness to treat! I have other family members and friends whose allergies are quite severe. Perhaps, we are lucky, hmmnn! LOL!

The Truth Around Rheumatoid Arthritis

I have been suffering bone problems since childhood. When my mom brought me for a medical diagnosis, we were informed that I indeed have very weak bones which cause the ankle and knee pains. I could vividly remember the pain this health problem has caused me. I would see my ankles swell and throb with excruciating pain especially in the evening when I go to sleep. I cried a lot and missed peaceful slumber. Worst of all, I had to wake up my mom for treatment.

Over the years, I still feel this pain and with my age, I am very vulnerable to more severe illness. My posture is quite affected already, so, I know my condition should be more taken care of. My family members would normally massage my knees and ankles but the massage only provides temporary relief and so I take pain medications like acetaminophen and ibuprofen.

Since my mom could not really define the right diagnosis given to her by my doctor before, I simply search where all my symptoms could qualify. Too bad, I may be positive of Rheumatoid Arthritis.

I researched deeper on its nature, causes, effects and treatments. I became more aware but dreaded the potential cause of my pains.

picture credit: MedicineNet.com

Rheumatoid Arthritis as defined by MedicineNet.com is an autoimmune disease that causes chronic inflammation of joints. Our body has an immune system that combats health problems. However, this very immune system can cause us rheumatoid arthritis. There is no precise cause of this disease. It may be caused by bacteria, virus, or fungi while other researchers say it could be hereditary.This disease may occur at no specific time or age or race. But mostly, it is the women who are greatly affected and who age between 35 and 60. Typical symptoms are fatigue, lack of appetite, low-grade fever, muscle and joint aches, and stiffness. The muscle and joint pains normally occur in the morning and after periods of inactivity.

If untreated, rheumatoid arthritis may last for several years but may be progressive to cause permanent joint destruction, functional disability and other organs' disorder.

I am quite conscious with the medications that we take. I simply cannot ignore the drawbacks of medicines. So, if companies promote their medicines and discuss the benefits and consequences of their medicines, I applaud their initiative.

I took the liberty to check the advertisements on rheumatoid arthritis medications. I pretty like the slogan of Orencia. It gives a hopeful message to those who are afflicted of rheumatoid arthritis and who find normal body movements difficult and painful.

But there are rheumatoid arthritis medicines that are proven to suppress rheumatoid arthritis' attack on the body's immune system and to protect the body from other infections. Thus, with the number of rheumatoid arthritis medications, I would only advertise medications that would actually cover the benefits and consequences of the medicines. I would deliver this message and information through all media possible.


The Struggling Plight of Teachers

Today, I quite feel awful. As a teacher for a decade, I had several happiest and worst experiences ever with students, co-teachers, administrators and parents. I am quite passionate with my profession that I normally extend my services to them even beyond what is required.

But, what actually discourages me is to see students failed from my classes. I pity them but I pity their parents more. Now, that grades are soon to be due and that graduating students' grades are computed earlier, I had a bad news to tell my graduating student, she failed and will be missing her graduation this March.

She cried and pleaded all right but I could not give in since my class records show that she doesn't deserve a passing remark. She is quite persistent that she saw me twice this day and keeps on texting me. I am really pissed off when she requested for special projects or exams to make up.

Students and parents must indeed understand that grades are earned. Teachers are only there to make sure that learning is assured and properly monitored. But, if students choose to least prioritize their studies, I don't think, teachers on their right mind will make up grades just to make them make through. I help students who help themselves. But, I guess values are subjective to some individuals. How far will parents and students go just to change their grades?

I am no idealist but I just want to teach values of integrity and dignity as much as I want to impart lessons. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! I only hope people will share this plea. Most likely, Philippines and our leaders and even corrupt and corrupting families and individuals will least likely exist.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Fun FAT-Zipline Adventure in Davao City

The Davao City and GenSan City Bloggers for Zipline Adventure

Last Saturday, the SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers' Community painted Davao City red with the Food Appreciation Tour (FAT) in partnership with Davao bloggers. We left very early in the morning for Davao City whose Foundation Day was March 16. We met the other Davao City bloggers in Outland Adventure Area where we had the stiff climb ( I was all catching my breath since it's 45 degree-inclination.

The stiff climb was more gruesome than the zipline!waaaaaah! They want us to smile still! They must be kidding!

All yelling from my way down to the full stop!

The Zipline was 200feet above waters and almost a kilometer distance. We wore our gears, but I was all terrified with the height but I did not want to miss the fun, so I still tried it. I took the sitting position instead of the superman poise. Mind you, the digicam I was holding only had the vision of the sky.Hahhahhahha!

Sumptuous lunch at Ranchero's! The Best Backribs and Seafoods I had by far tasted!

It was really fun, then we went to dine at Ranchero where we had the yummiest Angus platter, and seafood viands amidst elegant place, then we proceeded to the classy kasagingan, then to Crocodile Park, and dined again at Ram's where we had the tastiest pancit, white marlin fillet and salad.

Dinner at Ram's! The best White Marlin cook and pancit we tried!

We went home early morning with tummy aches from the food I took but we had the most fun from this tour. We hope to have this again here in GenSan City.

How Health-Conscious Are You?

How much will you pay and do for health? I have problems with my bones, so I know I have to do exercise and change my diet to at least eliminate the pains.

What are your health problems or issues?

Friday, March 13, 2009

Food Appreciation Tour: Yummy!

Ten (10 ) SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers shall invade Davao City tomorrow for this FAT! It is indeed a first for us. So, we are really pretty excited. Everything shall be sponsored but in between this resto-hopping, we shall be joining the ZIPLINE adventure, where the height is way 300 feet. OMG! I just hope they won't get deaf when I scream my way down!!!!

We shall leave early morning tomorrow and have fun until midnight. I have to finish the review of my kid and blog hoppings tonight then.

We only wish more bloggers can join us. It will surely be all fun!

Go Win Yourself A MacBook Air

Blogging has become a part of my daily routine. I go to sleep and wake up before and after the screen of my laptop. Truly, internet usage has become one of my regular task.

My sister has her own notebook while my partner has his own laptop. I have to settle though on an old Dell unit of 2000 model where internet loading takes more than 5 minutes. As an IT masteral student, I have to get my sister's notebook so I can create my projects. But, it also means I can only use it whenever she will go to sleep. Thus, I have to do my project very late in the evening. So, I know I have to have a laptop of my own that I may do what I want whenever and whereever I want it.

Laptops and notebooks are quite expensive. So, I have to blog a lot just to generate that much needed amount. Good thing, I could have a notebook for free. There is this generous businessman, ben behrouzi who sponsors a contest and anyone can win a brand new MacBook Air of Apple. It is the thinnest notebook with better graphics and more storage.

This MacBook is priced by several stores between $999.00 to $2,700. So, imagine if I can win this grand notebook, it will be a pride I can boost around!

So, if you wish to win this yourself, why don't you leave Ben Behrouzi a comment that you wish to be counted in his contest and join him in Twitter. I just followed him in Twitter, so I will have that equal chance of getting this prized notebook. Their contest will run until March 31, 2009 and the grand winner will be announced then. What are you waiting for? Get counted!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Nasty Weather, Wet Teacher

It is Friday and I suppose to have an early class at 8 am today but the rain has been beating our rooftop since last night. My kid and nephew are simply happy to tell me and their grandma that they should not go to school because of the rain.Hahhahah! We seem to be sharing the same opinion. Hahhahaha!

But, teachers still go to school regardless of the weather. So, I have to still drag my lovely butt and wait, while soaked wet, for my students to appear in the classroom. Gosh! Service is really deep among teachers. Tsk! Tsk! Tsk!

Get a Free and Protected Email Service

I work with my emails all the time. I exchange communications with my students, administrators, and important people in the areas of academics and business among other recipients.

We have a lot of email accounts and they offer different services but we have been hearing too the issue of privacy and protection of all our communications and private information used by hackers, illegitimate organizations and spam users for unwanted services.

Internet is a free venue. No one owns nor controls it. That is why, valuable information of individuals and organizations are at great risks. We want to secure what is vital and significant to us. However, everything seems has a price tag nowadays.

We don't know exactly how our email accounts are used but I wonder a lot how I do get unwanted emails from unknown senders. More importantly, how virus can be encrypted and spread through unsecured emails.

I tried then Privacy Harbor with its free account. The subscription was quite easy and the environment is so simple, you can maximize the free account by their upgrades. I tried organizing my mails by creating folders. Best of all, this email service has a SnapGuard protection so you can actually approve or reject acceptance of incoming emails. I can also organize my schedules and tasks.


Now, what is also good with this email service is that you don't have to twist and turn your head and vision from all the advertisements you normally see from other email services. Big enterprises can really enjoy this service and get guaranteed protection.

I sent my first email to try this. Do you want email protection? Try this!


Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Struggling Business

It has been more than weeks since the humble store has limited customers or none at all. I guess, the economic crisis is really that difficult and pressing.

I know we have to find means to at least make sales in spite of the situation. However, I am still busy with school requirements. I just hope that when I am done with the school requirements, I can finally have the drive and energy again to go back to fashion-accessory crafting and tshirt printing.

Perhaps, by then, I can drive everyone at our store to work also. My sister, Tammy is just hooked to blogging. Hahaahhaha!

Remove Concrete Rust Faster

As a neat-freak, I want to see my place organized and best of all, clean. But, nature has it that our stuffs, and house in general, are also deteriorating. I have been only using acid to do away the rust or scrape them off with a metal but then, these only remove the outer layer of the rust. That is quite tedious too. I have to spend the entire one hour only on small area. This is really what I hate in cleaning.

But, would it be better if you can remove rust from concrete using natural ingredients without the usual hard works? We are also a family with all sorts of allergies. For one, my kid is asthmatic. We usually catch colds from harsh scents of chemicals.

However, these ingredients are naturally organic, so we don't have to worry with stingy smell. More importantly, you can also have natural and organic care and cleaning stuffs for your car, pets, carpets and for the entire households. Simply incredible.

The Wonders of Photoshop

Before Photoshop Editing

After Photoshop Editing

It is almost a month that me and my two family members contracted chicken pox. We are heavily marked by the infection especially on the face.

I am indeed conscious of these scars that I put on creams to at least subside the discoloration. But, I guess, the scars will really take time to disappear.

My partner was however diligent enough to remove all our scars using Photoshop. I just love however my smile, with scars or without. What do you think?

Selecting the Best Credit Card

Credit Card is quite helpful although disastrous if not properly monitored, controlled and secured. Whenever we are short with cash or resources are limited, it can really be a big help.

But, we have been hearing complaints and sentiments of our friends who are in deep credit problems simply because the interest rates are higher, regular annual fees, and piled balances.

In spite of this, we can not deny the accessibility of credit cards. However, with the proliferating number of credit card companies, selecting the best one can be difficult. So, we check credit card deals that go with the money with pay. My topmost criterion is interest rate. But, would it be better if we can have all the perks available for our credit card? Now, where can we actually all see these? Having a website that can compare credit cards can indeed be a blessing.

So, I checked this credit card website and their services. They offer comparison checks among credit cards in terms of interest rates, balance transfers, approval time and reward credits. So, you are at least guided as to what to choose depending on your unique needs.

I had my chance of balance transfer before and was offered with 0 %. I did not regret doing it because in the long run, the interest rate is still lower. For the cards we have to evaluate, we must, first and foremost, check if we are indeed getting the most out of our credit cards without paying much.

Long Awaited Summer Vacation

As a teacher, I work more than 8 hours of teaching, preparing lectures, checking and counseling. I don't complain at all since I really love to teach. But, somehow, its workload also drains me especially, that I am also into business and second masteral schooling.

But soon, summer vacation will start. By then, I can stop from my masteral classes, and take a long break before summer classes will start. Some vacation huh?

So, thinking that I will be soon off from this semester's workload, I could only be more expectant and happy.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wanted: Best Wrinkle Cream

Being more than 30 is not at easy. I started having wrinkle lines on my forehead and under my eyes. My cheeks began to sag. Although I was not at all beauty vain, neither I would want to look and feel older than I should. I have been only using Olay and Ponds wrinkle creams. But, what are my criteria anyway? I base them from testimonies of other users. A family member who is around 70 years old, simply looks 50's to me. She had been using Olay and with other beauty rudiments. I tried only the cream. I did not mind at all the ingredients. For as long, as they work on me, I am all good about it.

But with the increasing number of ads on wrinkle creams, you can not do away with anxiety and confusion at all. And, with the economic crisis, we are having, one can consider price as the top most criterion.

But, it is quite helpful that you get and read reviews about what you are paying for. Although, it is not ethical at all to claim that they have best wrinkle cream without doing real and wide-scale survey, we must be however be intelligent in buying. Research told us that we have to be careful with the ingredients if they cause adverse effects. But more importantly, we have to be sure, that indeed we are getting results. Reviews can be subjective but if a number of testimonies can support your claim, you are pretty sure that your cream review is really objective.

This review site on over 20 wrinkle creams gave a very objective insight on top wrinkle creams. It gives information on the pro's and con's of the product that the decision to really buy it is really up to the reader and potential user.

Testimonies of other product users made the claim and review more objective. The site was quite simple in design and links can be navigated easily. More importantly, it control spammers, so somehow, testimonies are regulated. My wrinkle cream was only rated 47/100 with the pro's and con's. The site's review made me more conscious then of the ingredients my cream has. So, this is really helping me in becoming more selective.

The site gave Dermajuv Cream a 99/100 rate. So, this is really pretty interesting to check on.

Angels Among BLoggers

When I first started blogging last summer 2008, I was all struggling. I had no one except Twerlyn, who is also a blogger and a close friend of Tammy, my sister. She introduced me to Blogger.com. She is a residing in Cebu City which is miles and waters away from GenSan but she patiently guided me through texts and calls how I could start a blog and really keep it going.

I was disappointed that my blog ranking did not at all improve and the opportunities were all scarce but she continued with her motherly motivation. Now, I have three blogs, I could not thank her enough.

But, blogs are to be improved and promoted. So I blog hopped a lot. When I decided to have place a scroll bar on my blog, no one really answered my plea except Mayang, who promptly gave me the codes. She is Hawaii and we barely knew each other. This is really one grace of human kindness to another.

Then there is Lainy, who through blog comments and Twerlyn, I came to also meet. I have known some bloggers who keep their blog "Friends" for backlinks, promotions, and traffic which my sister Tammy called, PARASITES but I could also name more who are still real people with the heart. Lainy until now, helped me a lot with blog techniques. She is just simply generous with people. No wonder, bloggers in all facets of blogging keep her specially important.

Then, when I made a techie blog for my students, I wish to hide the programs for those who are not interested to read them. Again, I asked help from the blog hops I made but ended with vain. After few weeks, a very unexpected email came. Prateek helped with the codes by giving me a valuable site.

I know those whom I have asked help had their own reasons why they ignored my plea. But I want to salute the angel bloggers who show character more than anything else. There are still a number of bloggers who still show human values more important than blog traffic and earnings.

To these people, my forever gratitude, and to those, who I missed from my post, I still thank you.

Do you also have angel blogger-friends?

Monday, March 9, 2009

Real Estate in Wilmington Area?

At the economic crisis like this, properties are normally sold at very very low prices. We also check the areas where our investment be worth it. If I have to invest on something, it would be on real estate indeed because the prices normally do not depreciate much over time.

But, where would you invest? My family is in Wisconsin and we would want to try a new area where the family can still be visited at any time we want.

But, searching for the right real property estate could be very cumbersome and searching for a qualified and competent real estate agent could be as difficult.

If you are searching a estate in Wilmington, check Wilmington, NC Luxury Real Estate You may search some information about Wilmington and North Carollina area. Your decision may be based on criteria access to schools or neighborhood. So, these can be checked too.

What Does Your Birthday Tell You?

Your Birthdate Predicts You're Fearless

Ever since you were born, you've always been able to assert yourself.

You are confident in carving your own path. Soon enough, other people will be persuaded and follow along.

You are driven and competitive to the point of being impulsive. You'll do just about anything to win.

It drives you crazy when you have to stay still in life. You are too dynamic to stay stagnant.

What Does Your Birthday Predict About You?

This is really pretty me! Hahahahhaha! I could not argue at all.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Parents' Wedding Anniversary

The celebrant parents (my mother really looks like me!)

The offsprings (minus 1)

The entire gang (minus 1)

It was a day after the party in General's Brew that we brought our parents to Grab a Crab. I used my gift certificate from the David Pomeranz concert contest. We were supposed to dine for Valentine's day but then, since my kid and I contracted chicken pox, we postponed the dinner.

So, we scheduled the gathering on the 32nd wedding anniversary of my parents. Gosh! They have lived each other that long! Hahahahahh!

We only missed our other sibling who is in Masbate working. But the dinner was superb and the place was grand. It was a night well remembered! My parents were only happy that we are together.

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SOCCSKSARGEN Bloggers' Community Striked Again

A chat with Ate Jinky, a fellow blogger from DOLE
The General Brew's frontline
Their Tripple Yummy Sandwich

And my French Kiss Creamy Coffee, Hmnnnn!

As an offshoot to MBS2, the community had been seeing each other a lot. Thanks to Bariles, who took the initiative to convene us whenever we can. Each meeting bring us new faces, and with that new friends in the list. It is really different when we actually meet the blogger in person. But, the initial introduction only led to prolonged conversation. LOL!

So, last Friday, we were invited to General's Brew, a new coffee shop along Pioneer Avenue. This store is quite popular for its Coffee Luak. Coffee Luak is a coffee made from the poof or droppings of a Luak, a mongoose which is endimic in most parts of Asia. The mongoose eats only the ripest and most matured beans and which are excreted partially digested after a few hours. And the plantation workers will retrieve them for immediate roasting. They say, this is the most expensive coffee. Now, you know why? Hahhahahah! (I still have to write more about this special creature!)

The coffee shop has this ambiance of elegance and exclusion. We seemed to be in a different part of the world because the place is so grand but their offerings are quite cheap. I loved the French Kiss Coffee that they served me and the complementing Strombol! Yum! Yum! Hahahahh! I asked my sister, Tammy that we will hang out again in this place.

As usual, the gathering went through with the chats, meals and more poises!!!! You can say, we are already a family! We look forward to more gatherings and gimmicks! Cheers to all bloggers and friends!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Customized Tshirt Printing for Everyone

I always love pants and tee shirts. They define comfort and sexiness. I am a workaholic person, so, I need my clothing to be always on the go but without sacrificing feminism.

But, what I love to wear most are the custom t-shirts that express my personality.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Forgetful Teacher

After two weeks of sick leave and heavy work, I am having hard time remembering things. I am all lost and I am really wondering if the temporary amnesia is really temporary.Hahahhahah! My students had to remind me of our classes, and schedules. Perhaps, not having attended my daily classes made my memory all dumb.LOL!

Now, the worse part was, I was all ready to attend my first subject in the morning and went straight to our school lobby. Then, it hit me, I was wearing the wrong uniform! OMG! I was all caught blushing!

I was told I could still go on with the day on the wrong uniform but that would me look silly and dumb.Hahahahhah! So, I opted to go home again although I missed my class and I simply wore something else. Gosh! At this rate, I would rather stay home and just concentrate on writing. Hahahhahah!

Can I blame my old sickness or it just simply my age of 30'ish?waaaaaaaaaaaaah!

How Patriotic Are You as a Filipino?

I am patriotic however I somehow lose hope of seeing our country improved.
I only wish that the government and the nation as a whole will finally and holistically unite for a more objective mission.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Filipino Culture: Part 2 - Holidays are Us

As Filipinos, we love all sorts of gatherings. I would want to see these gatherings in a positive light. We seem to discuss a lot, anything and everything under the sun whenever there is an occasion. And if there is an occasion, we have so much appetite for story-telling and food. Hahahahahha!

Folks and kin gather whenever there is an occasion, may it be birthday, baptismal, graduation, wedding, promotion, farewell/arrival party, and even funeral. We seem to have a reason always to celebrate. I would want to take this as a way to gather and bond as a family. These may be impractical if to consider the finances involved. But, funny it is that as Filipinos, we seem to manage through just to celebrate. Financial crisis is least of our concerns. We anticipate these occasions very highly that we save for them and even loan from others. Impractical? Yes! But, we value more JOY and UNITY over material things.

We love merriment a lot. I wonder why? They say part of our culture is taken from the Spaniards liking for feasts and extravagance. Should we blame them? Let us blame them! hahahahha!

And in this culture, we manage to celebrate holidays almost every month throughout the year. In General Santos City, we just concluded our 70th Foundation Anniversary. It was a month-long celebration with various activities for the locals. Now, this is different from the Tuna Festival we celebrate every September.

Every barangay (the smallest government unit) has their feast day too. So, just imagine how many celebrations we have! Don't get me wrong but even if we love to celebrate, we are quite hard workers too. Perhaps, the value of patience, endurance and faith all are in the blood of every Filipino that amidst any crisis, we seem to make through with a happy and hopeful smile.

I manage to get the listing of 2008 national holidays just to prove my point.

Regular Holidays
Maundy Thursday April 9
Good Friday April 10
Araw ng Kagitingan April 6 (Monday nearest April 9)
Labor Day May 1 (Friday)
Independence Day June 12 (Friday)
National Heroes Day August 31 (Monday), Last Monday of August
Bonifacio Day November 30 (Monday)
Christmas Day December 25 (Friday)
Rizal Day December 30 (Wednesday)

Special (Non-working) Days
Ninoy Aquino Day August 21 (Friday)
All Saints Day November 1 (Sunday)
Additional special (non-working) day November 2 (Monday)
Additional special (non-working) day December 24 (Thursday)
Last day of the year December 31 (Thursday)
source: http://www.gov.ph/faqs/holidays2008.asp

For 2009, below is the partial list.

Regular Holidays
Maundy Thursday April 9
Good Friday April 10
Araw ng Kagitingan April 6 (Monday nearest April 9)
Labor Day May 1 (Friday)
Independence Day June 12 (Friday)
National Heroes Day August 31 (Monday), Last Monday of August
Bonifacio Day November 30 (Monday)
Christmas Day December 25 (Friday)
Rizal Day December 30 (Wednesday)

Special (Non-working) Days
Ninoy Aquino Day August 21 (Friday)
All Saints Day November 1 (Sunday)
Additional special (non-working) day November 2 (Monday)
Additional special (non-working) day December 24 (Thursday)
Last day of the year December 31 (Thursday)
source: http://www.gov.ph/faqs/holidays.asp

These holidays are different from the local holidays and religion-related feasts of the region. Is this value can be blamed too for the economic condition of the Filipino society? I pretty think so. I am quite a saver though an impulsive buyer at times. But, there are always contributing factors why the Philippine economy is not improving at all. For one, we can blame our over-do values.

I would welcome other inputs from fellow Filipinos and interested readers. These will make us understand our plight
more as Filipinos and see ways how we can do better.