Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wanting New Jewelry

I have been keeping few cultured pearls to match the necklace and earrings given to me on my wedding day. I wish to have a bangle and a new pendant to complement the old pairs but the value of gold had accelerated again that I have to save more to have the jewelry crafting again.

Keeping and selling gold is always a good venture because the price of gold continues to rise over time. This is quite evident in the some gold guides showing gold prices that indeed affirm the worth of this pricey mineral. But,  having gold jewelry or gold bars or coins is an assured investment because their  gold price barely depreciates because gold keeps its original attributes in spite of time and use.

If resources are only allowed, we wish to find a gold spot for legitimate purchase and assured worth.  So, if you are anxious about the authenticity of your gold, you can spot gold through checking its density where real gold must be around 19.3 grams/mL. Further, fake gold reacts to magnet while real gold does not. You can also use nitric acid to test because real gold is insoluble to this acid. But, if these tests are not personally handy, you can simply bring your gold to a a legitimate jeweler for assessment.

I personally love gold with 18 karats or higher for greater commercial value and that is guaranteed to last over time. So, as soon as possible, I shall have my new bangle and pendant crowned with my cultured pearls.