Saturday, October 15, 2011

Why You Should Consider Running

Running has been a passion and way of life for me. While it started only as an excuse not to be lazy, its health benefits have become more pressing than any other benefits it can offer. Of course, these benefits would include networking with other running enthusiasts, staying sexy and lean and boosting self confidence. More importantly, medical experts say that running can  protect you from mental disorder, hypertension, cancer among others.

running with my kid on our 3km fun run for a local parish anniversary feast
photo source: Arnel Joshua Lim

So, what has become an off - on hobby became more compelling that I constantly persuade my family to run with  me and to have healthy diet and lifestyle for healthy and longer living.

When technology has become one of the culprits for obesity, one can only be responsible over his weight and make sure that he does what is need to stay healthy and fit, so, to avoid medical adverse implications. There has been an increasing number of obesity around the globe and the Philippines is not at all exempted from this alarming concern.  Consequently, we consider weight loss alternatives like exercise, diet foods  or   cosmetic surgery.

So, why do we have to run?  It was shown in one study that individuals who run have greater chance of increasing the good fat and decreasing the body fat,  triglyceride levels, and the risk of coronary heart disease. Further, there can be a reduction in high blood pressure and a boost of immune system. Also, running is a better means to stop the consequence of aging like osteoporosis among women.

While we have a thousand and one reasons to skip exercise, or promote healthy diet and lifestyle, I believe that living a longer healthy life has no equal justification. So, if you love your family and you are concerned with your health, pick those running shoes and run a distance or two.