Friday, November 6, 2009

Payingpost Finally Paid Me! Hurray!

After days of being pissed off because of Payingpost passive action, I did take initiative of asking its advertisers for assistance. One of their advertisers was kind enough to help me get the much needed response. And, after the email, I was paid in minutes, my much awaited payout! Hurray! So, now I recalled all the words I said about this site.

I was however, advised to email again Payingpost and gave a CC copy to the advertiser. Here is a copy my email:

As advice by one of your advertisers, Bidhere that I should email you with a copy of this directed to them, I am again requesting your company to give the payments of $117.00 which is supposed to be paid out last November 1, 2009.

I did write my honest reviews promptly and eagerly knowing that your company is legitimate. I have read your rules and have abided them, I only demand that you exercise your duty as a professional company. I did write you more than once requiring you to at least explain the delay, but you simply ignored my emails that I was compelled to ask from your advertisers their own assistance to check if you are indeed a scam or not. I am only fortunate that BIDHERE.COM was kind enough to give me your contact info since your website contact remain non-responsive.

We all know the power of online advertising, and convincing other bloggers that your company is a total scam and badmouth the sites that your company work for may not at all do good to your company and to all the advertiser your company work for and the potential advertisers who may want to consider your services.

You have explained to my sister, Tammy who recently received her payment after she complained to one of your advertisers that the cause of delay was simply to check on the links, I have waited more than months to expect the payment I am due for all my approved reviews, an appropriate action on your end should have speed up the re-checking and pay us ontime. Further, a reply on my queries could have enlighten me and other angry bloggers and not worsen the situation. I respect your company and its rules and I only demand that the same courtesy is given to me.

All of my posts were approved month(s) ago, and every post is active, there is no reason for you to delay or not pay me at all. I quite understand your rules of changing your payout from $50 to $100 but I shall never tolerate being ignored and cheated.

I have promoted your site and the advertisers' to my family, fellow bloggers and friends in US and in other parts of the world. I don't want to wait that they too shall see you and your advertisers in the bad light.

I only demand what is due for me and extend the same courtesy and action you did for my sister and for my months of labor and waiting.

Your kind action on this request shall make a difference.