Saturday, January 15, 2011

How to Find the Right Web Hosting

The onset of Internet technology has brought tremendous changes for most companies. For one, companies are now compelled to have their websites to serve their regular and potential customers without the restraint on boundaries. This has allowed 24/7 customer contact and stakeholder communication improving more the company. Parallel with this strategy, online companies without their brick counterparts equally overwhelm the net.  But, online computing is not simply limited to commercial entities as personal websites are now running for personal content or otherwise.

Thus, when you decide to create and run a website for your company or personal use, remember that it shall serve you more if you have a web hosting like  ipage hosting   that is reliable and offers the whole nine (9) yards of features.

So, how do we make sure that we get the best web hosting services, we can assess these through the following:

  • Customer Reviews -  Customers who have prior experience with their web host providers shall mostly give you honest feedback of how their  web hosting perform. Lucky for us, there are legitimate websites that actually rank web hosting services according to their overall performance. 
  • Price - Normally, a free web host may be quite attractive but note that hosting is expensive, so, free services may require forced ads on your site. So, if this is ok, then, free hosting can be great otherwise go for a web host package that is within your budget with satisfactory services and features;
  • Technical Support - check if a web hosting provider can offer  24/7 support because if your website is down during the weekend or in the evening, are you willing to wait. 
  • Bandwidth - is the quantity of files that we can transfer when our readers load our website. So, a dragging website is simply bound to be closed by potential readers.
  •  Reliability - Can your website run in any browser and is glitch - free 95%? Then, your web hosting is all ok.
  • Other Features - Features like email, http, FTP, CPanel, MySQL among others can be closed assessed. So, depending on your site's requirements, check if your web host providers can meet what you need.