Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our Kids Are on Vacation!

The country has declared November 1 and 2 as holidays. Thus, local schools have made used of the holidays as inclusive day offs in their school breaks.

My Grade 1 kid and nephew and my fourth year high school sister had their breaks too. Their report cards on the first two quarters were given to us already. I have to say, they did not do well on Mathematics and on our country's language.

So, I can only search for online references and tutorials on Math problems and Math answers. What is most difficult is solving Math word problems. Thus, if students are low in comprehension, solving this becomes a terrible ordeal.

Normally, students hate Algebra and some Algebra word problems. But, with the surge of internet, there are now online tutorials, including Algebra help and Algebra 2 help for all students on a 24/7 online support at reasonable rates.

Subjects now are more difficult than when I was student, but with help and student's diligence, any subject can be handled well.