Monday, September 13, 2010

How to Prevent Aging

There is a new science designed to study aging which is officially named as gerontology. This branch of science divides the theories about aging into two extreme groups: aging is natural and programmed to our body and aging is caused by damages through time.

Regardless  whether this aging theories are true or not, there are ways to however prevent or restrain aging. Here are the bare essentials:

  • Exercise to keep a normal weight and prevent bone and muscle loss;
  • Take plenty of food rich in anti-oxidants to protect you from free radicals;
  • Keep your cholesterol low to protect your arteries  and heart;
  •  Re-energize from stress.
  • Keep a healthy lifestyle (limit smoking, drinking, deprived sleeps and alike)
Aging can be quite evident in our body as we see changes and downgrades in our heart, arteries, lung, brain, kidney, bladder, bones, muscles, sights, hearing and skin.

It is then imperative that we put a high note on our health as we age, thus, having recreational activities like playing indoor, outdoor or online games like online casino slots for online slots real money   can be quite relieving and helpful. Amidst busy and hectic life, taking a break seems the last thing in our mind. Worse, we  get used to having a fast - break life and the stress tempts us to smoke, drink or do something else.

So, if we really want to contain aging, we can only go for pro - aging ways: healthy lifestyle and safe fun.