Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Why I Should Not Miss ASAP Sessionistas in Gensan

In celebration of Tuna Festival 2010, the city government along with the sponsors makes the month-long celebration extra splendid and beautiful as it holds another grand  and heart - filled concert on September 10 at Lagao Gymnasium by internationally acclaimed and renowned Filipino artists, the ASAP Sessionistas who captivated every one's ear and soul from all ages and cultures because of their own renditions of old and new songs that can make you love life and love again and again without really having to say, "You are sorry."

And, when Bariles holds again another contest for this much - awaited concert, I can't help but pitch in why everyone should watch ASAP Sessionistas live in Gensan.

1. Juris  on  "From your true passion, big dreams can come true."

Big stars are both born and made and for some, they can only persevere. This is the very case of MYMP's Juris who is hailed from Davao from a family of doctors; while completing her pre - med requirements in Ateneo, she realized that she is more apt and passionate about music that she later joined MYMP and made a new wave for Filipino music as  she touches the masa with her soothing pop and accoustic -  genre performances.    Who would not miss her lovely and sweet voice for her rendition of  "Sa Yo Lamang" for the movie of the same time who makes your heart ache for your dearest loved ones?

2. Sitti on " Gifts and talents know no race or cultures."

Sitti Navarro or just known as Sitti is of Tausog and Samal descent and was an honor student, a leader, a beauty titlist and  a Filipino Bossa queen. She is an epitome of all - in - one package of beauty, brains and bags of talents. Indeed, when one is only determined and with strong - positive character, anyone from any culture or race can make a difference in any chosen career with unquestionable pride and dignity.

3. Aiza on " Enjoying honest life and loving it." 

I have been a fan of Aiza even when she was still a talent of Eat Bulaga in 1980's but what make this young lady more loved is the fact that she is not at all scared in spite of what others must say, especially with declaration of being a tomboy. She practically grew up in the big screen and on stage but never did I hear her brat about her accomplishments nor criticize other artists and with talents of singing and guitar playing, she captures an international audience that she is now dubbed as Asian Acoustic Sensation. She may have tarnished her limelight as a movie star, but, she sure has the brighter glow as a musician - a great singer and a songwriter in spite of her age.

4. Richard Poon on "Do all and be all."

Experts say that most men don't fully utilize their potentials; Richard Poon, however, makes this findings all an overstatement. Richard is a crooner - an excellent songwriter, singer, and music arranger. And, if your old folks simply love Jose Mari Chan, then, Richard Poon is the younger version and his  music and great talents won him several Awit Awards and earned successful solo - concerts leaving his audience in great awe and pride for having another Filipino artist with remarkable gifts and world - class talents.

5. Nina on " Touching the Heart, but Touching the Soul More."

Soul - siren Nina has won several recognitions and awards from the music industry and  at her young age, has made her own marks as a songwriter, singer, record producer and radio/TV personality.  But, what makes Nina a big success is her heart and soul - piercing rendition of every song she sings. She can all make you weep or fall in love all at the same time with cool and soothing voice. As a remarkable pop and R&B artist, she becomes an icon   among the younger and newbie artists. With accomplishments and recognition, she proves to say that " with a heart, anything can be possible."

6.  Duncan on "Flying high with might."

Duncan is already known for his great moves as he joined Gary V in  most of his concerts but his name rocked the entertainment industry more as he joined Southborder whom he eventually left for a solo career. His great apt for singing and dancing makes Duncan a total performer.

These artists are epitome of hope, dreams and life and music is their arena and anyone from any age, race or generation can take pride and inspiration from all these artists. And, to see them all on stage in one night in my own city can only be overwhelming and inspiring.

Life is but a music indeed - full of different genres, moods, stories and styles, but only a remarkable performer can make it more meaningful and worth living. This I learned from these great performers.