Friday, January 30, 2009

David Pomeranz: Songs That Serenade the Soul

My husband and I have been lovers when I was only at Grade 6, and he was on his junior high school when we were still in Zamboanga City. I was all pretty shy then, but he indeed pursued me well. But, when my parents knew this, I was cut from his life and was fully guarded to-and-from school. I only had the songs of yesteryears, particularly of David Pomeranz, to reminisce the happy moments we had together. Every day I would wish that I would bump into him. That wish was granted when we were back together when I was already on my sophomore secondary schooling. But fate indeed tricked us again and we were parted by distance since my family had to relocate for good in Gen. Santos City. For four years, we lived through distant relationships until we separated our ways again and fall for someone else.

In spite of our individual relationships, I could only recall his vivid face on my memory and the songs we both loved. After five years and our third separation, he went to see me in GenSantos City and asked me to marry him, I just said YES without second thoughts! One of the songs we both love that bound me and my hubby through separations was Pomeranz' OLD SONGS which I luckily grabbed from

And, now through the blog contest of Bariles, I had known that David Pomeranz will be holding a concert on Lover's Day and one of their cool sponsors is Grab a Crab, where we happened to hold get-togethers with very great food with melodramatic and elegant ambiance at unbelievable prices.

I really hope to be in his concert and relive every piercing love song he had written and sung and personally thank him of how he inspired us couple to live through and found one another again. I always appreciate his songs. His lyrics speaks truly of love, hope, and dreams that I can't help but reflect on how a man's songs could actually speak through your heart and dig into your soul without an effort. This concert is indeed a worth-giving gift to a loved one on a very very special day. I only wish it could be my very gift to my husband.