Sunday, January 18, 2009

A Big Man with a Big Big Heart

One grateful side of blogging is meeting new people. I have met countless bloggers of different identities, some were normal while some were abnormal like me. Hahahhahah! But when Sir Avel known as Bariles left me an invitation to join the MBS2, I was just elated to join everyone and had the fun of my life. I then came to know Bariles in the flesh. He is indeed a big man, I was quite hesitant at first to rant and all with him. He invited me and few GenSan bloggers to help him set MBS2, then the rest was history. Indeed MBS2 was very successful if not for the efforts of this very energetic, dedicated person! The local government of GenSan is very very lucky to have a very committed and enthusiastic public servant. Gatikal lang ba ko?hahhahaha!

The Grandfather of Soccskarsargen Bloggers, the Birthday Celebrant, the Gwapong-Makarismang si Sir Avel!Burger! Burger! Burger!

I never really knew a blogger, and now a good friend who is as passionate as Sir Avel. He is passionate of blogging, food and fun.hahhahaahh! And we usually join him! We had our second get-together last Christmas when Soccsksargen Bloggers had the party. There were very few attendees but Sir Avel, had managed to make the party a blast. Now, those who missed it had sure missed the fun and the singing Sir Avel had orchestrated well.Hahahahah!

He is friend to everyone. One can't miss this person who exudes charm, wisdom and character. And Jan. 19 is his birthday, he sure has a big big party with all the VIP's. A man of good character only begets countless friends.

My family and I can only wish him the very best. He has touched many lives not only us Soccsksargen bloggers but everyone who loves Gensan. Indeed, he is now Soccsksargen bloggers' GRANDFATHER-ORCHESTRATOR! HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIR AVEL!We love you!